REED - Flat, Round, Flat Oval, Smoked, Half Round

reedstack2010w300.jpgYes, we have ALL SIZES of reed IN STOCK. No Back Orders!

All Reed is not created equal.

We're proud to offer our customers the highest quality of reed. You'll never find "seconds" or "slightly hairy" at V. I . Reed & Cane.

*Please note that different sizes of Smoked Reed may come from different dye lots, and therefore not the identical shade of brown.

5stars150.jpg"When I received my reed this week I just wanted to throw away all my old reed (from other companies)! Yours is flawless. Perfect. Thank you so much." a very satisfied customer

Reed is sold by the "pound". A "pound" is the same as a "hank", "coil" or "bundle".

Try our Reed and see what we mean!  There are 2 pages of reed. page 2  page 1

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