FOREIGN ORDERS - Read Carefully Please

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To give you an idea of shipping costs,

the following are costs for shipping a 3 pound (1.36 kilos) package from our location, Omaha, NE, USA to:

Canada (BC) Europe (France) UK Australia South Africa South America (Brazil) Asia (Hong Kong)
$40.50 $47.85 $57 $55.60 $58 $50.60 $51.65


Sample items that weigh approx. 3 pounds in the box: 1 coil of Fiber Rush OR 2 pounds of reed OR 10 feet of cane webbing OR 3 or 4 hanks of chair cane with pegs & booklet.

Sample items that weigh approx. 2 pounds in the box:  1 cane webbing kit OR 2 hanks of chair cane with pegs & booklet OR 2 chair cane kits OR 1 lb of Reed OR 1 Seagrass coil OR 7 feet of cane webbing. (1 chair cane kit only weighs 1 pound in the box.)

Since there's no fool-proof way to estimate your postage costs until the order is packed and weighed, please use the Add to Cart button below to add estimated charges. Explanation follows.

1. Select the ADD TO CART button below to add estimated additional postage costs to your location outside of the USA.    (This applies to any address that does not include a US Postal Service Zip Code.)

2. If the actual cost of postage (which you will see on the postage label of your package) is LESS than you've paid with the Shipping Adjustment, we promise (YES. We promise.) to send an immediate refund to your method of payment- charge card, PayPal.

3. If the actual cost of postage (which you will see on the postage label of your package) is MORE than you've paid with the Shipping Adjustment, we'll charge the difference to your method of payment. If you paid with PayPal, we'll send an invoice for the postage due. You still need to add the Shipping Adjustment below.

If you don't add the Foreign Shipping Adjustment, your order cannot be shipped until all postage is accounted for.   The shopping cart postage is for US orders only, and you'll be reminded to add the Foreign Order Adjustment when you review your Shopping Cart.    NOTE that you are responsible for the Customs Duties of your country. This is quite separate from our shipping process.

from Australia

"Hi, I received the cane I ordered about a week or so ago- thank you for this. I would also like to say an additional thanks for your efficient and honest service.   Kind regards, Dean"

from UK

"Firstly can I say thank you for the courteous and speedy shipment of my order.

I was struggling to find the necessary supplies here in the UK and was delighted to find your site when searching through Google. The order arrived last week and I have already caned by first chair!

from Germany

"I love V I Reed & Cane. Even living in Germany, I can get an order to my P.O. Box in about a week. Thanks for the prompt service!

"Ich liebe V I Reed & Cane. Auch in Deutschland leban, kann ich den Auftrag, mein Postfach in etwa einer Woche zu bekommen. Vielen Dank für den prompten Service!

We ship via International Priority Mail, the most reasonable method of international shipping that arrives with good speed at a fair price. We'll ship immediately, as soon as all postage costs are accounted for.

If your country uses Postal Codes, please be sure to include your Postal Code in the Address lines. (Our U.S. Zip Code space only has enough space for 5 digits.)

For most countries, your package will arrive in 7 to 10 business days, depending upon Customs processing time in your country. Be sure to be on the lookout for a package notice in your mailbox (if your Postal Carrier does not deliver packages door-to-door). We appreciate your business!

Shipping Adjt for Canada
Shipping Adjt Worldwide