Labor Costs for Seat Weaving

The cost for Chair Caning- that is, "hand caning" chairs that have holes around the perimeter of the frame- seems to be experiencing some regional price raises. 

We have found a wide variation in costs. Not surprisingly, areas that have a lot of antique chairs in their homes also get the highest price per hole for chair caning. $3 per hole or more. Please compare labor charges in your area so that you earn the going rate.

We think it's safe to say that $2 a hole is a typical labor charge for hand caning. 

Chair caning takes a long time. The cost for chair caning a chair in blind caning is another level of cost. You can either charge double what you charge for regular hand caning or add $1 per hole. It is definitely twice the work. Blind caning is caning that's done on a chair without going through to the other side. This is usually on the back of a fancy chair. The holes are drilled shallow but not through the frame. Each strand of cane must be measured precisely for fit, then glued in place with a plastic peg so that the peg doesn't set in the glue. Each layer of the weaving requiring thorough drying in between. Blind caning is also called Continental or French caning.

Cost for Chair Caning

cost for chair caning   cost of chair caning