How to Use De-Glue Goo

How to use De-Glue Goo

Shake if settling occurs.

2. Apply a thick layer of De-Glue Goo to old glue.

3. Allow to work until old glue is softened—anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Yellow and white glues are plastic and require a little more time than hide glue, as does any glue that is very thick. If that is the case, just leave it on until it dissolves all the way through. Note: In low humidity environments, De-Glue Goo may need to be applied in two thick coats, up to 10 minutes apart. Covering with plastic wrap will further retard evaporation.

4. Wipe excess De-Glue Goo off any finished surface as it is a water based product, although not particularly harmful to finishes.

5. Using a pocketknife or stiff brush, scrape gently (not removing wood) until all the Goo and glue is off, inside mortises as well as exterior surfaces.

6. Allow wood to dry before applying fresh glue. Speed-dry with a hair dryer if time is short. De-Glue Goo does very little wetting.