Chair Cane Kits

Chair Cane Kits are for chairs that have holes around the perimeter of the seat. (If your chair has a groove around the seat, go to Cane Webbing.)  Order Your Chair Cane Kits Now


Chair Cane Kits

6 different sizes of chair cane kits. To decide which size is right for your chair, measure the distance between the holes, center to center. Then, check the chart below to order a Fine, Narrow Medium, Medium or other size chair cane kit.

Kits contains: caning awl, 4 pegs, complete instructions and enough medium cane + one binder cane to weave a normal size chair seat.

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Sizes are shown in the chart below. Use this chart to select the perfect size chair cane kit for for chair caning project.

Note: It’s important to measure from the center of one drilled hole to the center of the next drilled hole to get the precise measurement.

Chair Cane Kit sizes cane width size of drilled hole drilled hole “distance apart”, measured “center to center” of drilled holes
Super Fine 2 mm 1/8″ 3/8″
Fine Fine 2.25 mm 3/16″ 1/2″
Fine 2.50 mm 3/16″ 9/16″
Narrow Medium 2.75 mm 1/4″ 5/8″
Medium 3.00 mm 1/4″ 3/4″
Common 3.50 mm 5/16″ 7/8″

Chair Cane Kits