TOOLS for Seat Weaving

Indispensable tools for caning. Only the highest quality of American made tools!
DeGlueGoo2.jpg De-Glue Goo

 De-Glue Goo® is the only non-toxic gel that will dissolve hide glue, white and yellow glues quickly and easily. We guarantee that De-Glue Goo® will dramatically cut your spline groove cleaning time. If you've got hard glue in the groove, don't forget to order this. It's amazing stuff, for sure.

2010SeatweavingToolset300.jpg Seat Weaving Tool Set
If you're just starting out in chair caning and plan to do more, you need these tools. These are Made in the USA superb quality tools. One caning awl, one cane packing tool, one 3/16" caning chisel, one 1/8" caning chisel and a bone awl. Chisels are for cane webbing work. The awl and cane packing tool are for hand-caning. The bone awl is indispensable for seat weaving. $50.87 if purchased separately. Comes in plastic carton.
canepackingtoolsmall.jpg Cane Packing Tool
Wooden caning packing tool cane be used to move individual or multiple canes during any stage of the hand-caning process. 5.25" long. Hook one or both pins behind the cane and pull it into position. This tool makes caning easier with less repetitive motion and lighter finger load. Made in USA.
bluntawlsmall.jpg Caning Awl, Wood handled

Chair caning or basketry awl. Wood handle. Blade length 2.5 inches. Overall length 6.25". Made in USA. If you like your tools Made in the USA, this is the awl for you. *Awls are never suitable for use by children.

boneawl1.jpg Bone Awl
The slight curve of this smooth bone awl makes it excellent for lifting reed and cane ends as you weave- when you get to tight spots where your fingers don't fit. 6" long.
AwlClear144.jpg Awl, Plastic-handled

A basic awl for opening up tight spaces in weaving or clearing holes in cane seats. Not as sharp as our wood-handled awl. Awls are not suitable for children.

chaircaningneedledetail.jpg Caning Needle
Caning Needle makes weaving in the strands faster and easier. Snake the needle through the strands, thread the eye and pull needle across the frame. 21 inches long. Size of eye: 1/8 x 3/32 inch. CLICK on PHOTO to for larger view.
caningchiselslarge300.jpg 1/8" Caning Chisel
1/8" Hardened and tempered steel caning chisel for glue removal. 1/8" wide to fit groove width. Has tough translucent plastic handle. Made in USA. (Both sizes shown in photo.)
caningchiselslarge300.jpg 3/16" Caning Chisel
3/16" Hardened and tempered steel caning chisel for glue removal. 3/16" wide to fit groove width. Can also be used with 1/4" groove or larger. Has tough translucent plastic handle. Made in USA. (Both sizes shown in photo.)
rubbermalletlarge2009.jpg Rubber Mallet Size 2
A rubber mallet is a necessity for tapping caning wedges into the groove when applying pre-woven cane webbing. Diameter of face: 2". Diamter of head: 3.25". Length of handle: 12". Weight: 11 oz. Made in USA. On sale through 1/31/08.
pruningshears72.jpg Anvil Pruning Shears

Anvil shears for the long haul. Excellent for caning & basketry. I've had my pair for 30 years!

6 1/2" long. 1/2" cutting capacity.

Clamps200.jpg Spring clamps, select size

Spring clamps in 3 sizes. 6" 2.40 each, 4" 1.90 each; 2" 1.10 each.

If you're weaving a seat with a dowel frame, you need at least one 4" clamp to hold your weaving in place when you take a break.

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caningpegs2011.jpg Caning Pegs, set of 6
Hardwood caning pegs. Used with chair cane projects that have holes around the perimeter. It's a good idea to order an extra set with your kit.
wedges2011.jpg Caning wedges, set of 5
Used with cane webbing projects to tap in the cane.
ReedGauge300.jpg Reed Gauge
Reed gauge helps you to identify round and flat reed sizes. White plastic.
WeaversStain2011a.jpg Weavers Stain


Weavers Stain is a super product which sprays on in a fine mist- NOT ANYTHING like spray paint.

Tung oil and urethane mix. Note that there's no "poly" in the urethane. The "poly" is what dries fibers out.

Suitable for baskets and chair seats made of reed. NOT for cane.

Click here for more information on when and how to use Weavers Stain.


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