Chair Cane

Chair Cane is used in the weaving of seats and backs of chairs with holes drilled around the frame. A 270 ft coil will weave a chair that is approximately 12X12 with 72 holes or less. 1000 ft will weave about 4 chairs.   Shop For Chair Cane Now

Chair cane has many names such as hand cane and natural strand cane. Chair cane is the bark of the rattan palm and has been used for seat weaving for centuries.

  • Superior quality cane for chairs that have drilled holes around the perimeter. See our Booklets for instructions. (If your chair has a groove, go to Cane Webbing.)
Chair Cane Size

Cane Width

Size of drilled holes

Distance between holes,   center to center

Fine Fine 2.25 mm 3/16″ 1/2″
Fine 2.50 mm 3/16″ 9/16″
Narrow Medium 2.75 mm 1/4″ 5/8″
Medium 3.00 mm 1/4″ 3/4″
Common 3.25 mm 5/16″ 7/8″

  Binder Cane

  • Suitable for woven seats on porch rockers (Kennedy rockers, etc.), and other porch chairs
  • Binder cane has a shiny, durable bark side and a dull backside. See our Booklets page for instructions.